29 Oct 2008

The Ecological Credit Crunch

This is far scarier than the financial credit crunch. The Living Planet Report, published today by the WWF, indicates that more than 75% of the world's population are living in nations that are ecological debtors, and that the UK is one of the worst.

Humanity is using up 30% more resources than can be replenished every year, and the cost of this 'ecological debt' is estimated at £ 2.5 trillion. This number puts a perspective on the financial credit crunch. At this rate, we'll need two planets to sustain ourselves by 2030. That's only 22 and a bit years away.

We haven't got time for our politicians to be bitching about who said what to which Russian oligarch. They need to be focused on the real issues. The really important, urgent issues. The only way this is going to happen is by electing politicians with fresh ideas and fresh approaches, who are not corrupted by big business, and who understand what is really important. You know, people like the Greens.

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