4 Oct 2008

Transition St Albans?

The two toughest challenges facing human kind are climate change and “Peak Oil”. The likely risks and consequences of climate change are well publicised, but Peak Oil has only recently begun to receive serious attention.

The global demand for oil to fuel the conventional economy continues to rise, but the supply of readily accessible reserves is in inevitable decline. Peak Oil is the tipping point, when demand overtakes supply. Experts have predicted it to happen between 2006 and 2012. It could have happened already. Economic and social stability could be threatened by oil shortages long before the worst effects of climate change are upon us.

Of course real, green action is needed at global and national levels to cope with this change. But the idea of a “Transition Town” is that an individual community significantly reduces its carbon footprint and increases its ability to cope with the coming oil shock.

The people of a Transition Town work together to produce and act on a plan to make their community as self-reliant as possible: for its food, its energy, its goods, services and employment; indeed for its well-being.

According to the Transition Network some St. Albans' residents are interested in starting a Transition Town here. Is it time we became a Transition Town?

St Albans Greens are planning a public screening of the excellent film about peak oil - "Crude Awakening". More details as I have them.

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