16 Oct 2008

You've bin wheelied

The Council's new recycling scheme seems to be experiencing some teething problems.

Residents in the city centre this week had their wheelie bins delivered, and were asked to start using them. But it seems to have caused lots of confusion. On a number of streets, plastic bags of rubbish sit outside homes, two days later, still waiting to be collected.

Residents were told that this week would be the 'green' wheelie bin collection, and no other refuse would be collected. So, either the message was not communicated clearly, or people are protesting. Either way, the result is refuse sitting on the streets. An unimpressive start. The Council needs to think about what it can do to improve this and find out if residents are fundamentally opposed to the scheme, or are simply not clear what is required of them.

1 comment:

ca said...

did they not think that people might not have space for these green and black bins. We don't living in the center of town. It is a complicated system that had no advertising!! I'm sorry but really it was badly thought out!

By the way great blog :)