6 Nov 2008

What shade of Green New Deal would you like?

The phrase du jour is 'Green New Deal'. As usual with radical ideas wrapped up in neat phrases, the establishment is hijacking this phrase and watering it down.

The Green Party's idea of a Green New Deal is one that will focus on creating millions of new green jobs, energy security and a stronger, more resilient economy.

The six key Green New Deal pledges aimed at creating green jobs are:

a.. Provide free insulation for everyone, using a windfall tax on energy company profits to cut bills and create jobs

b.. End subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear, and use the money to build world-class green energy industries

c.. Train the workforce we need, with a strategic approach to providing new training places for the green industries of the future

d.. End soft touch regulation on polluting power stations and give the renewables industry the break it needs

e.. Regulate big banking to stabilise the financial system, and close the loopholes which allow tax havens to operate

f.. Transform rules on procurement to help schools and hospitals buy from local producers

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