17 Feb 2009

Join the Zero Carbon Caravan to demand a zero carbon world

Later this year a Zero Carbon journey is planned to show that we can live differently, travelling from all over the world to arrive in Copenhagen for the UN climate talks in December 2009.

The group will travel mainly by cycling and sailing, but any methods of travel are allowed, so long as they use no fossil fuels. They will hold conferences on the way, explaining the need to reduce our carbon emissions to zero, then discussing ways of doing just that, and Zero Carbon Concerts, using bicycle-generated electricity and audience participation - people power not fossil fuel power.

The whole journey will have a high profile on internet media, so the politicians negotiating for a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol are aware of the pressure from public opinion. Cyclists, sailors, musicians, climate scientists, renewable energy experts, organisers, media officers are all invited to join and help !

Also, please go to the website below and sign the petition demanding a zero carbon world:


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