30 Mar 2009

Govt green claims are all talk

Sometimes I think - why do I spend all this time and effort on promoting Green politics? Surely the other parties are catching up, understanding that the human race requires a low-carbon future if it is to survive, that the technology is out there and just needs a bit of political will to be seriously introduced?

Then I see facts like this: The International Energy Agency has ranked 35 countries according to their renewable energy performance. It ranks the UK 31st out of 35.

It says the UK's efforts are "ineffective and very expensive".

This despite the UK government constantly posturing as a leading light on tackling dangerous climate change.

Our country, whilst telling everyone we are leaders in this area, is actually going in the opposite direction. We are more reliant than ever on fossil fuels. Plans for renewable energy plants are stuck in the planning process. We STILL don't have a feed-in tariff that would make microgeneration feasible. We are building more motorways, more runways, more coal fired power stations.

The need for truly green leadership has never been greater.

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Michael Bentley said...

Hi Simon

This country is asleep! Or rather, there are many of us who are appalled at the situation, but until the whole country gets up and starts doing something (voting against the labour and conservative parties would be a start!), the posturing will remain just that.

Great work you are doing in my old home town!

Were you at the G20 on Wednesday? I've posted an eyewitness account (not mine) of the climate camp on my blog at http://peace-aware.blogspot.com/

Will be following yours from now on.

All the best - Michael