12 May 2009

BNP in St Albans

I am shocked to discover that the BNP is fielding a candidate in St Albans in the local elections this June (story here).

It's only one candidate, in The Colneys, but that's one more than we need. I'm amazed they think they would have the support to make it worth their while standing here.

The BNP's elected Councillors have an unenviable record of failing to turn up to many Council meetings, resigning (either resigning from their seats, standing down from the Council, or simply resigning from the BNP, once they find out what it is really like), and not doing any real work for their constituents.

For example, guess which Party the six Councillors with the worst attendance record on Barking and Dagenham Council belong to? That's right, the BNP...

The BNP unpleasantly and ruthlessly exploits lack of progress over problems such as the lack of affordable housing, the number of economic and environmental and war refugees that our ravaged world is generating, and the corruption and sleaze of many politicians from the old parties.

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Graham said...

Depressingly, there were over 20 people with St Albans addresses on the membership list that was leaked last year.