27 May 2009

Greens can get an MEP here

There has been a library-shelf load of elections leaflets through the door recently, especially from the prolific Lib Dems.

Despite what you may read in some of them, the Greens could EASILY win an MEP seat on June 4th in this region. They came fairly close last time, and only need about 10% of the vote to get one this time, as the voting system for the election is proportional representation. Greens are currently polling at anywhere from 11-15% in the region, partly as a result of the MPs' expenses scandal.

People are so angry at the Westminster politicians - I just hope people don't react by staying at home on polling day, or by voting for one of the nasty fringe parties. Greens are about the only ones with a really positive message, so I hope people take a moment to think about voting for them.

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