22 May 2009

Has Anne Main broken the rules or not?

For those who think our Tory MP has done no wrong in the expenses fiasco, let's be clear.

The Green Book – a guide to members’ allowances - sets out the rules.

Pages 12-13 state:

"If your main home is neither in London nor the constituency, you can choose in respect of which of these areas to claim PAAE . For these purposes, 'constituency' is regarded as any point within 20 miles of the constituency boundary.”

Mrs Main’s lives in Beaconsfield, and she claims for her home in St Albans. But Beaconsfield is only 13 miles from St Albans constituency boundary. (source: www.freemaptools.com, or you can get a ruler out on any map)

If you want to be generous, you could measure to her home in central St Albans. That's only 17 miles from Beaconsfield.

I look forward to hearing our MP apologise for her mistake, and announce that she will be paying back the money.

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