31 Aug 2009

Scourge of the nation: Low Energy Lightbulbs...? Or the Daily Mail?

So farewell the 100 watt old-fashioned light bulb - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8229476.stm

As we are now being obliged, rather than encouraged, to move over wholesale to low energy bulbs, the Daily Mail leads the outcry against civil liberties and the British way of life. Their response: give away 25,000 incandescent light bulbs to their readers. It's comic, but shocking too.

What will they do when we eventually stop burning coal, the most polluting of fossil fuels? Cheer as they did when Margaret Thatcher tried to shut the mines? No, I imagine that they'll be clinging to the last pit, demanding every Briton's right to pollute.

There's a reasonable medical argument that some people seem to get headaches from some low energy bulbs. But there are many alternative types, and the modern ones do not report the same effects. It's another example of where a little government investment in the technology could be put to good use, for the good of us all.

Low energy bulbs are a no-brainer - an easy win as they save money AND energy. If we can't even manage to embrace THAT idea, how are we going to manage the difficult stuff?

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