28 Sep 2009

Consultation, consultation, consultation

Is it me or has St Albans council become obsessed with consultations?

Yet another one ends today, the "Ideas for a Nice Community and Wouldn't It Be Nice If We All Voted Lib Dem" project.

The consultation documentation runs to 742 pages of densely packed pictures of smiling teenagers, leaping pensioners and evil Tories. Needless to say, as a prospective councillor myself I have ploughed through it.

Actually there's some quite good ideas in it, but who other than saddoes like me is ever going to read it, I can't imagine.

And anyway, why the endless consultations? Whilst I'm all for public involvement, feedback and so on, consultation exercises have a habit of standing in for responsibility.

In other words, we elected these guys to run the place for us and take good decisions. We come out and vote in local elections every single year (well, 40% of us do), yet they keep coming back to us and asking us to tell them what to do.

And when the consultation is in, they can safely blame us for the 'decision', and say it's what the public wanted.

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