24 Sep 2009

Oops. Now China and the US have us on the run.

For all Labour's posturing as leaders on tackling climate change, poverty and so on, their policies just don't match the rhetoric.

UK C02 emissions are higher than ever, when the noise the government makes would make you suppose we are way ahead on that matter. Similarly, promises to 'end child poverty' and be the party of 'social justice' clang to the floor - the gap between rich and poor has never been wider, and child poverty in this country is resolutely refusing to end.

And now here come the world's new heroes, of all places the US and China. China's already building wind power plants left, right and centre (alright, mostly left), though all you ever hear about is their coal-fired ones. Now the Chinese are setting out their plans for serious emissions reduction. Hey, I'm no fan of China, but it's something.

Meanwhile the US is pushing renewables while the UK allows our only wind turbine plant to go under (while giving hand outs to car sellers). And Obama attempts a truly radical policy of social justice, going in to bat for universal healthcare.

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