13 Sep 2009

TUC and Greens aligned

The TUC are today talking about the threat of a 'double dip' recession caused by public sector cuts promised by both Tories and Labour:

The TUC says we should be investing in jobs, not cutting them back, to help get us out of the recession. Some of the ways to pay for this, they say, should include scrapping Trident and ID cards.

Wait a minute, that's exactly what the Green Party is saying. Can this be right?

Yes, because the Green Party is the party of social justice, a title long ago abandoned by Labour. Creating sustainable jobs can ease us out of the recession as well as fight climate change, by the way, if those jobs are in areas like energy saving (eg insulation programmes), renewable energy (wind turbine factories on the Isle of Wight anyone?) and public transport infrastructure.

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