26 Oct 2009

Lockered out

After my regular swim today at Westminster Lodge, my locker key wouldn't work.

Yes, I had the right locker. I always choose the same one because the numbers have all rubbed off the keys, so you have to remember which one you chose. So I always choose the same one.

There are so few lockers there that work anyway.

So, the lifeguard can't open it.
His 'duty officer' can't open it.
Her friend can't open it.
They go off to get "the grippy thing" to get the hinges off.

All the while, I'm standing there like a rather unappetising but very quivery jelly.

Do they have a towel I could borrow while I wait? No.

Door eventually comes off with a claw hammer. I've got hypothermia, and a fervent wish that they fix some of the lockers sometime soon. Though they probably won't bother now as the whole place is being demolished in 2012.

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