1 Oct 2009

Shock news as counciltation goes wrong

More great news about counciltations, as I have wittily decided to call council consultations (see previous post from a few days ago).

The Herts Ad reports that the prize draw to entice people to join in one recent counciltation did not have a space for people to put their name and address. Doh!

Click the link above to the Herts Ad story - it's well worth a read as it has so much in it that I love about the way our council works:

1. They run a counciltation
2. They cock it up
3. They blame "our research partners"
4. They say it wasn't a mistake anyway
5. They end up looking even more stupid than they did to start with

6. People constantly tell me they don't vote at local elections 'cos councillors are all so useless.

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