11 Oct 2009

Smaller Heathrow is good for St Albans

The news that BAA is giving up on the idea of a third runway at Heathrow is good news for lots of reasons.

One immediate one for us here in St Albans, or at least any of us who use the M25, is that the threat of even worse traffic on our favourite motorway is diminished as a result of the dropped plans.

By the way, my favourite comment from our air-addicted government and its slavering air industry has always been this one (here from the Department for Transport):

"the growth in the popularity and importance of air travel is set to continue over the next 30 years"

This supposed demand means we just HAVE to build more runways, more terminals, and more airports. But wait - did you say 30 years? That takes us to 2039. We need to have cut our C02 emissions by about 80 or 90 per cent by then, to give us just an even chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change, not to mention fending off the oil crisis that will be with us by then.

If aviation in 2039 has grown from today's level instead of shrunk, we will have to turn off the lights and heating in every house and business in the country, shut down the roads and only eat what we find in our own gardens, just so that we can fly.

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