5 Oct 2009

Vote Blue, go... er... Blue

It was only last year that Cameron was advising voters to "Vote Blue, go green". Now his 10 point plan for government, gloriously revealed in the Sun, doesn't even mention the environment or climate change. Much more important, of course, is giving heads more power to exclude pupils, or the police less paperwork.

Any lingering doubts about Cameron's green credentials can now be peacefully buried.

And the headline moment of the plan? Reduce benefits and make incapacity claimants jump through more hoops ("what do you mean you can't jump??"). Brilliant.

Firstly, there are no jobs for these people to do - seen the unemployment figures?
Secondly, it's bonkers, during a recession, to take money from people who spend the highest proportion of their income - the poorest. If you want to raise some cash, take it from people who a) have some spare, and b) are just sitting on it. Like, ooh I don't know, the richest?

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