14 Oct 2009

Watch out for Transition

"Transition" is a word you're going to be hearing a lot more in the future.

Transition St Albans is part of the Transition Towns movement, which seeks to build community resilience to climate change and peak oil. Let's not wait until we are forced to shift to a low-carbon society, they say, let's start doing it now.

Of course, there are lots of people and groups saying this sort of thing, but Transition Towns are a bit different. They are the ultimate grassroots project, getting people together to discuss what their community can do, then raising awareness and gently nudging people towards achievable goals.

Last night, Transition St Albans hosted a film and discussion at the Maltings. It was very well attended, and had a great buzz.

There are hundreds of ideas of what St Albans could do to start our "energy descent". One of my favourites is introducing a local currency. That would excite and engage all sorts of people, even if they weren't particularly interested in Transition. And it is brilliant at turning people inwards towards their community, to start thinking about how we support each other.

They've already tried it in Lewes (and other places) with great success. I'd love to see that here.

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