17 Dec 2009

Tesco wraps up Woolies

Tesco are understood to be about to buy the old Woolworths store in the city centre. This could be good news if it means they are abandoning their former plans for the site on London Road - which would be much better used for something else.

However, if it means they'd really like TWO stores in St Albans, it's not so good.


Lyssa said...

A friend worked in a different tescos years ago and told me that the st. Peter's street branch holds some kind of significance so they wouldn't ever close it... but surely they couldn't have two branches next to each other?

Simon Grover said...

The St Peters street branch was the UK's first self-service supermarket, apparently. However, I understand Tesco will close it and move to the double-size space in Woolworths.