6 Jan 2010

Express yourself

The Daily Express today says all this snow disproves global warming. I wonder why they say that? If a cold snap disproves it, does that mean a heatwave proves it? I don't think the Express would say that.
No, they are deliberately confusing weather with climate. Global warming is about the latter, and only very indirectly about the former. There always will be and always have been wild variations in the weather. Some confusion comes when you hear that global warming will lead to more extreme weather events, hotter summers, wetter winters or whatever. But that is not what global warming IS, it's just one of its effects.
The Daily Express knows this. It is not run by idiots. So why are they printing this deliberate nonsense on their front page? Is it to stir us (me) up? Or do they think climate change is a myth and so will print anything to support that view, however nonsensical?

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