24 Feb 2010

Fair can be fun

What is it with all these fairs?

I heard that the Green party was running with "Fair is worth fighting for" as their general election slogan. Then the Lib Dems went with "Building a fairer Britain". Now Labour wants a slice of that cake too, with "A future fair for all".

This last one most of all makes you think about dodgem cars rather than any notion of equality. It's also particularly odd that it's Labour talking about the future. What about now? And where's the verb? The Greens are "fighting", the lib dems are "building", and Gordon's promising us a 22nd century theme park.


Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the Lib Dems had 'fairness' first, with the 2005 "Freedom, Fairness, Trust". A study by a PR company of voters found that 'fairness' chimed most with voters, now everyone has fairness as a slogan.

DocRichard said...

Everybody that is except the Tories. They just want to mend the broken society, but to do that you have to have a fair distribution of wealth (see Wilkinson & Pickett, the Spirit Level).

So everyone is going for fairness. It's going to be a fair fight.

Maybe the BNP will come out in favour of fair hair?

St Albans said...

come on now.. thats a bit unfair! lol