8 Feb 2010

Tesco abandons London Road plan

Great news just in - Tesco has announced it will not be building a supermarket on London Road.

Whilst they are keeping their cards close about what they ARE planning, they say it will not be a big store, now that they have plans for the old Woolworths site in St Peters Street.

This is a fabulous victory for the Stop Tesco campaign and its many thousands of supporters. Tesco got the message very clearly that they were not welcome on London Road, for a host of reasons. Beaten by planning applications, they always threatened to come back for more. The experience of other similar campaigns around the country is that they usually do. But here, they were good and beat.

Whilst a supermarket in the town centre, especially one with the muscle of Tesco, will still threaten some local businesses, it is far more preferable than the London Road option.

The Council needs to move quickly to secure the site for something useful, probably a school.


Siobhan said...

This is absolutely fantastic, on so many fronts! Not only have Tesco got the message, but we may even get what the town centre really needs - a primary school. The question is, what are the going to do with that land which has been let to virtually rot for years? Will they continue to keep a stranglehold on a prime piece of real estate, as in so many other places across the country? We need to keep a watchful eye on it....

St Albans said...

A great defeat by a small town against a large corporate company.

I love to hear stories like this