24 Mar 2010

Help Make St Albans A Better Place - 6 May 2010

My Local Election Broadcast!
To switch between lower and higher quality, while it's playing, click where it says 360p or 480p.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Simon. The video has a light touch, and is amusing, especially the bit at the beginning, which I especially liked. Also the content was to the point, clear and effective. Hope it gets a lot of hits!

jessicachivers said...

A really positive video Simon, good work. I hope many more people watch this and see the good ideas that make sense for St Albans. I like how quickly you made your points - no waffle or fluff. I am in the Verulam area of St Albans and am disappointed that I haven't heard anything from any of the political parties except the Lib Dems, presumably this is because all parties are being very selective about whwre they put their 'marketing' efforts. However, I have voted Green in the past and it's a shame we're not getting your messages (until now!) in this part of town.