16 Mar 2010

UKIP write their own headlines

Can't think of a suitable headline for this story - UKIP kind of leave me speechless.

I saw in the local paper that their parliamentary candidate for St Albans (above left with the lovely Nigel Farage) is taking credit for getting the lights' phasing changed at the Peahen junction.

So I went over to his website to have a read of what he's been up to. An entry entitled "Take off your skirts" caught my eye. Here he writes: "the wearing of skirts as school uniform could be illegal under the new Equality legislation that Harriet Harman is trying to force through Parliament at the moment."

OK, obviously that's not true. The point at issue is actually whether it is right for schools to force girls to wear skirts, as opposed to giving them a choice to wear something else, say trousers.

But here's Mr UKIP's comment: "Where does it all end? Trouserless boys schools? Compulsory frocks at Harrow? Burkhas for everyone?"

Excellent. Get this man a seat in parliament.


Anne said...


Any reason why you think John Stocker did not sort out the Peahen junction with Herts Highways...? All evidence points to that actually being the case.

I have just rechecked the UKIP St. Albans website and think you have also got the wrong end of the stick regarding the blog post entitled 'Take off your skirts'. It seems to me that Mr. Stocker is making the point that banning skirts in schools would be an extreme measure and his tongue in cheek examples were showing how ridiculous that would be.

I have never voted UKIP before but it seems to me they are the ONLY viable choice in St. Albans this time around.


Anne Nicolas

Simon Grover said...


I've not seen any evidence - is there any? I'm not particularly doubting that he helped the process (I don't know if he did or not, I just know he's taking credit for it), but local councillors, myself and some residents have all been badgering HCC about this matter ever since the new lights were put in.

In the skirts story, he says, as I quote above, that the wearing of skirts could become illegal. That's not true. He is misrepresenting the true story, as I say above. Of course banning skirts in schools would be an extreme measure. But no one is suggesting that as an idea.

If you support UKIP because you don't like the EU, take a look at Green Party policy, which is similarly sceptical.


The EU was formed to stop war in Europe, and that was an admirable aim. Now it has transformed into an undemocratic, economics-based semi-state, dominated by multi-national companies.

It can be put to good use, but needs complete restructuring - that is Green policy.

Anne said...
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St Albans said...

Based on this theory of fair choice, boys should also be given the choice to wear skirts to school.

I will be interested to see an MP pass that!