26 Apr 2010

Vote Yellow Get Blue?

Ah. I think Clegg may really have blown it this time.

Most people in St Albans who say they are voting Lib Dem in the General Election, say they are doing it not out of conviction, but "to keep the Tories out".

However, Clegg has now said he won't prop up a minority Labour government. If the Tories get more votes, he will offer his services to them first. Of course he will. What else could he do? But now he's actually said it out loud, where does this leave the voters of St Albans?

Despite what the local Lib Dems will tell you, based on the last general election it is Labour that is more likely to take the seat from the Tories' slim majority. That might seem an unlikely outcome this time. But even if everyone votes "tactically" for the Lib Dems, and we get a Lib Dem MP in St Albans, he looks likely to then go and prop up a Tory government.

The only thing left to do is vote for the policies you actually like. Controversial, I know.

Voteforpolicies has found that the policies most people like are the Greens' ones. Take the test yourself and see how you get on.

The effect of Green votes will be much greater at Westminster than the effect of tactical Lib Dem votes. At best you get a Green MP (as is likely in Brighton, quite possible in Lewisham and Norwich, and not impossible elsewhere). And at worst, you join the masses of those NOT voting for the usual suspects. This truly adds to the pressure for electoral reform, because the smaller the proportion of votes that the "winning" party gets, the less legitimate their victory.


Anonymous said...

I don’t know what passes for democracy in the Green Parties, but in the Lib Dems it isn’t in the Leader’s gift to do a deal with the Tories – the Lib Dems have a ‘triple lock’ MPs and Federal Committee and a special conference .

Time the Lib Dems started telling people about the cuts in public service in Ireland courtesy of the Irish Greens in coalition with FF in Ireland – also standing for parliament in this election in three seats in Northern Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Good post, I think ultimately you need to vote for the candidate whom you feel will best serve your constituency. Personally I will be voting Lib Dem for St.Albans and hoping that the Conservatives actually form the Government at national level. I would be happy to vote Conservative but feel that Anne Main's behaviour in the expenses saga has left a question mark over her character which cannot be overlooked.

John Stocker said...

John Stocker says

Why are all your comments anonymous?? Appears to be a bit of "comment planting".I wonder at times who is standing for MP Simon Grove or Jack Easton.Anyone seen Jack recently?

Smith said...

Shall we stop selective media?
What clegg has said, and always for that matter said, is that he will attempt to forma coalition with the party who comes first. Which seems perfectly reasonable.

Anonymous said...

St Albans remains a straight fight between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. It is misleading to draw parallels with 2005. Many people who were already disillusioned with the Government voted for Kerry Pollard last time around. Roma Mills cannot count on those votes this time. Local election results since 2005 show the Labour vote in the city has collapsed completely - you know the number of wards where they now trail the Greens - whilst the Lib Dems have established a clear lead over the Conservatives - even before you take the Anne Main factor into account.
It is increasingly likely that the UK will have a hung parliament, with the Conservatives as the largest party. Whilst there is a risk that Clegg may choose to go into a formal coalition with Cameron, we also know the price of this will be electoral reform - and the greater the representation of Lib Dems in Westminster, the harder it becomes to resist such a change. That, in the long term, would do more for the Green Party than a principled Green vote.