7 May 2010

Green History

Whatever the Greens' result in St Albans, it would always be overshadowed by the moment of history that saw Caroline Lucas elected as Britain's first Green member of the House of Commons. With a comfortable majority in Brighton Pavillion, Caroline moves from being MEP to MP.

This was due to a massive effort from Green people, struggling against all the mainstream parties to get their message across. Caroline's new position will give the party a boost like no other, and inspire others to work for Green policies throughout the country.

In St Albans, our first Green parliamentary candidate for decades, Jack Easton, put in a great effort and took every opportunity to meet people and explain Green policies. This was a very useful support for our local work, and he not only earned the admiration of many who heard him speak, but the votes of over 700 of the electorate.

The local council results were dominated by the double-sized turnout compared to usual local elections. Half of all votes were from people who don't usually vote locally, and had just come for the general election. Not many of those are Green voters, so our share of the vote suffered. But the actual number of people voting for us held up, and grew by 50% in our target ward.

So that bodes very well for next year's local elections, when turnout could be expected to return to 'normal' levels.

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Graham said...

I got a grand total of 30 minutes sleep on Friday morning. And when did Brighton declare?