4 May 2010

Horse flies for courses

The Grey parties' positioning continues to shift subtly from day to day, such that my blog entry of a few days ago is now out of date.

Now the Libs say they would consider a pact with Labour after all, in some circumstances. It certainly seems more likely that Labour, rather than the Conservatives, would agree to some kind of electoral reform.

What does stay the same is the confusion amongst voters. In St Albans, a lot of people continue to say they are thinking about voting Lib Dem for the first time, for the reasons I have already outlined. But they are still just as unsure about what the outcome of doing so might be. Will Clegg cosy up to Labour, or the Tories, or neither? What will the deal be? Will it all depend on seats won or votes cast?

At this point I have not yet explained the accompanying photo. Silly, I know, but a "clegg" is in the dictionary as "a large swift horse fly that sucks blood of various animals".

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