21 Jul 2010

News from 1937

St Albans Review printed a story about a BNP Councillor in Markyate resigning because he felt the party's leader, Nick Griffin, was behaving "like a dictator". This struck me as quite ironic. Indeed it turns out that if you substitute just a couple of words in the article, you get the following:

National Socialist councillor resigns

A National Socialist councillor has ended his three-year association with the far right party claiming it is led by a dictator.

Sigmund Dieken, BNP councillor for Markstag, took the decision to resign saying he could no longer support the party's leader Adolf Hitler.

Councillor Dieken, who will now stand on Markstag parish council as an independent, told the Post: "There are a lot of people who are not happy with the way the party is being run by Adolf Hitler.

"Anybody that has been outspoken and criticised him have found themselves suspended.
"I feel with the way people are being treated within the party I couldn't support Adolf Hitler any longer.

"I couldn't vote for that party at the moment - not the way Adolf Hitler is running the Nazis.
"If he's going to suspend his own people as soon as they speak badly of him, then how could you trust him as Chancellor of Germany?

"We (Nazis) have been labelled in the past as fascists and I feel at the moment that label is correct.

"I'm not a fascist or a member of the BNP and I don't want to be associated with them. I agree with the Nazis’ policies, it's just the people that are implementing them."

Councillor Dieken is a former member of the Hitler Youth, joining it in 1923. He added: "My loyalty is to my country, not a political party - I have always made that perfectly clear. When I joined the party the Nazis were the only hope left for this country. Now I feel there's no hope."

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