12 Nov 2010

How to advance through time

Every six months, when our clocks go forward or back, there are debates in various places about the point of the process. Should we get in line with the rest of Western Europe, should we abandon BST, or GMT, or let Scotland have their own time... and so on.

But Lighter Later have a better idea. Put our clocks forward by one hour compared to where they are now. In other words, BST becomes BST+1 and GMT becomes GMT+1.

The reasoning behind this is that at the moment, the average Briton is not making the most of the daylight available to them. The hours we spend outdoors are not aligned as well as they could be with the hours of daylight. As a result of this situation, crime, the fear of crime, traffic accidents and electricity use are higher than they need be.

A simple, almost cost-free change to time+1 would have huge benefits. The Lighter Later website has all the stats. Particularly arresting are the figures for the amount of energy, hence C02 emissions, that would be saved.

The site also has an easy tool for you to email your MP about this. There's going to be a parliamentary debate on the 3rd December, to decide whether to trial the idea. I've emailed my MP - why not email yours?

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