7 May 2011


It's the morning after.

It's not often you wake up having just been elected the first ever Green Party councillor in your city. But I just did. It's a feeling I can heartily recommend.

After six years of growing activity in St Albans District, we've gone from zero to a stonking 751 votes in St Peters ward, and our very own councillor. The last six weeks in particular have been hard work, but it's been genuinely great meeting so many people on the doorstep, hearing so many encouraging comments, and working with all the other Greens in the distrit.

Of course, the real work starts now. But this is the proper work. This is what it's all about - not working to get elected, but working as an elected councillor, really getting things done. I know it will be a pleasure because there is such a great team of local Greens to help me, and they are now more motivated than ever.


Lesley B said...

Well done again Simon! You worked so hard all year round and you'll make a great councillor.

Przemek said...


Paul said...

Hey Congratulations Simon, great work and I'm sure you're itching to get started! Well done :)