7 Aug 2011

Tesco homes - application expected soon

After a decade of decay and delay on the old Eversheds site between London Road and Alma Road, things are finally starting to happen.

In 2008, after a vigorous local campaign, St Albans Council refused Tesco permission to put a supermarket on the site. In 2010, Tesco announced it was moving and expanding its city centre store instead. The company then handed the site over to its wholly-owned development arm, Spen Hill.

Spen Hill is expected to submit a full planning application in the next few weeks for a housing project on the site.

I recently held a meeting with seven members of the development team, to discuss details of the project.

Plans to improve existing buildings in London Road, Alma Road and Inkerman Road, have already been approved, and work has started.

Spen Hill plans to reduce disturbance during the work by completing the street-facing part first, and only accessing the site from one point on Alma Road.

Once Spen Hill submits a full planning application, everyone will have a chance to look at the details, and give their comments to the Council’s planning committee.

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