3 Sep 2011

New hotel proposed for city centre

This is a before and after impression submitted by Premier Inn, of the hotel they'd like to build in St Peters Street.

Apparently the ground floor to the street would be restaurants, nicely tidying up the empty units that are there at the moment. Then there's a gym behind that, and then three floors of rooms - 125 rooms in total.

It's the kind of hotel the city needs, but I'm concerned at the moment that the building would dominate the city centre, especially painted the colours as shown. I will be looking for the Council to get the appearance of the front elevation changed, so it better reflects the historic surroundings.

Yes, it's better than what we've got at the moment, but that doesn't mean we should go ahead without some improvements to the design.

More photos:

View from the other end of Adelaide Street, before and after:


Anonymous said...

I agree Simon - it would be great to get this end of St Peter's Street back up and running. As long as my local Cafe Roma is safe!
And yes, let's hope the council makes Premier Inn change the designs to fit in with the historic buildings, especially the ones opposite. (Currently covered in lovely red ivy).
Keep up the good work Simon,
Caz - AL3

Dan J said...

I think business peters out at that end of the high street because the architecture becomes less and less attractive. It's just not an inspiring place to be, despite the church and the attractive buildings opposite.

The plans as they stand will just continue the vicious cycle for that particular area once the peach and mint green paint has begun to fade.

I hope you can convince Travel Lodge to come up with something inspiring and a little more future proof!

Anonymous said...

It looks a lot like a Lego building and I am afraid I agree that the colours will not age well at all. It will do nothing to improve the area in my view. I wouldn't want to stay in it either - those windows look horrendously small. In fact it resembles a cell block the more you look at it. Shoddy.

Chris Goor said...

I think it's just Premier Inn design no.4. St Albans has made errors in the past eg. The Police Station and all that area. I don't necessarily want something retro and historic looking, i just want to see some good architecture.

Jennifer Hardi said...

Thanks for sharing this, Simon. Will Premier Inn be building the hotel in accordance with any environmental standards such as BREEAM or Passivhaus?