18 Jun 2012

Three major developments are planned for the St Albans Central area

Eversheds site, London Road

After months of further delay, Tesco's developers Spen Hill have put in revised plans for 80 homes on their London Road site in St Albans. Whilst the builders have already started work round the edge of the site, on London Road, Alma Road and Inkerman Road, the centre remains derelict, waiting for permission for the main project. Tesco's plans for a supermarket on the site were rejected in 2008. They eventually came back with a proposal for over 100 1-to-3 bed flats, which received a mixed reaction. Since last year, they've been working on a revised plan for 80 flats, and the latest version of this plan is now with the Council.

You can see pictures and plans on the project website
You can leave a comment, and see the detailed plans, on the Council website. Go to the Council's planning page and search for application reference 5/2012/0608

Oaklands City Campus site, Hatfield Road

Meanwhile at the top of Hatfield Road there are plans to demolish the large college buildings, and a listed Georgian house, and replace with 85 flats and an underground car park. The flats would be in three five-storey blocks, not as high as the current tall teaching block. A third of the flats would be 'affordable homes', and the overall design is similar to the rest of the new flats already built there.

To comment and see the detailed plans, go to the Council's planning page and search for application reference 5/2012/1023. For the demolition works, search for application 5/2012/1300.

Premier Inn, St Peters Street

Premier Inn is looking again at St Peters Street, with much-improved plans for a smaller, less imposing hotel on the corner of Adelaide Street. Their previous plans for a four-to-five storey hotel were rejected by the Council last year as too tall, ugly and unsuited to the neighbouring buildings. The new application has not yet been formally made, but Cllr Simon Grover has seen the proposal, which is a storey shorter, and has a more thoughtful design. 

To comment and see the detailed plans, go to the Council's planning page and search for application reference 5/2012/1621 and 5/2012/1622

Check back here for the latest information on this and the other applications.

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