9 Aug 2012

Blue Badge bother

Just before First Capital Connect finally have their franchise removed (and assuming they don't win it back), they could do worse than sort out St Albans station's disabled (or 'blue badge') parking facilities before they go.

At the moment there are just 4 convenient bays, near platform 1. The Station Way car park has none as there is no step-free access. The platform 4 car park has none as FCC consider that entrance is not convenient for disabled drivers (why?). There are some spaces provided in the Charrington Place car park, but that's far to far away from the station to be convenient for people who have impaired mobility.

I've asked FCC to put some disabled bays by Platform 4, and make the minor physical adjustments needed to one of the Station Way car park exits so that it can be step-free. Then there can be some spaces in convenient locations.

I would think that, considering the number of passenger journeys made from this station, disabled provision is inadequate to the point of being discriminatory.

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