4 Aug 2012

Seven invisible potholes

Goodness, I've been a councillor for well over a year and I haven't blogged about potholes yet. What on earth's going on??

OK, here's a good one.

Alerted by a resident last week, I reported some potholes on Townsend Drive (the Council-owned bit, not the private bit that is just one big pothole). I heard back from Herts County Council: "We are unable to locate the fault. Your report has been cancelled."

I don't know what human senses they're using to locate potholes. Smell? I popped back to the road in question and took these photos:

invisible pothole

no pothole here

this is not a pothole

ceci n'est pas un pothole

deep, wide, but not a pothole

good road here

you get the idea

I've resubmitted my fault report, urging them to go back and take a proper look. Let's see what happens.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As a cyclist I find the roads in St Albans to be an absolute embarassment. If I need all of my concentration to focus on not buckling my wheel in potholes, how can I watch out for the cars, buses and lorries?
I'm going to have to trade in my road bike for an off-road MTB.