26 Sep 2012

£198,000 worth of sun shines on St Albans

St Albans Cabinet has agreed to invest £198,000 in renewable energy in the district. 

They are to put solar PV panels on Verulamium museum, Harpenden Public Halls and Harpenden Sports Centre, and both solar PV and thermal panels on Harpenden Swimming Pool. These buildings were found to be the most suitable for investment.

Of all the measures that I've successfully pushed through Council over the last 18 months, this is the first major one to be put in place. I'm grateful to other Councillors for supporting my proposal, and to all the Council officers who have worked to bring it to life.

This investment will start paying back immediately in the Council's energy bills and in the tariff payments it receives from the energy companies, and it will pay back completely within ten years. After that, the Council will continue to get an income of thousands of pounds a year. That means more money available to pay for vital public services in the district.

It will also save 57 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, reducing the Council's carbon footprint by 1%.

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