30 Sep 2012

Disabled parking bays doubled at St Albans station

At the Local Scrutiny committee meeting last Thursday, First Capital Connect promised me that the long-awaited extra parking bays for blue-badge holders would be installed at St Albans station at the weekend.

I've been badgering them about this for months (see Blog post from August), so I was pleased to hear them say this, if slightly sceptical.

So I went along on Sunday and...  caught them fulfilling their promise. Four shiny new bays being installed on the platform 4 side.



Carol Hedges said...

What a pity that this 'so called' Green councillor has a selective attitude to the environment. Nothing wrong with parking bays. A whole HEAP wrong with his council, of which he is a member, agreeing to build on a listed wildlife site.More, this 'Green' councillor , when invited to concern himself with this issue, does not deign to respond to emails. Sorry Mr Grover, your green credentials do not impress.

Simon Grover said...

Carol. Sorry, I don't have a record of having got an email from you. Please resend to sgrover@sagreens.org.uk

Also, please say more about the wildlife site you're referring to. I am of course a member of the Council, but not of the administration, so I'm not usually in the position to take decisions about what gets built where. But do tell me more.

Thank you