4 Sep 2012

St Albans Council meetings should be public

I'll be leading a debate at a Full meeting of St Albans District Council on 12 September, aimed at getting the Council to be more open to the public.

Here's the text of the motion I'll be proposing:

This Council:

1 - believes in the principle of open government;

2 - resolves to do more to encourage residents to come to and speak at our meetings, for example by a clear invitation on our website;

3 - agrees that, as well as Full Council and committee meetings, all working parties and task and finish groups will now be open to the public by default, with the group deciding if part or all of a meeting or meetings should be held in private, making their reasons clear;

4 – further agrees that, where practical, all agendas, notices and publicity for meetings should indicate on the front page that they are open to the public, and if they are not, why not.

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