27 Nov 2012

Another push for more affordable housing in St Albans

St Albans Council debates the Strategic Local Plan tomorrow night - the plan that will set the scene for future development in the district.

See my previous post on the plan here.

It promises to be a lively evening, but my concern is whether the right kind of housing is going to be built for people in the district. I have previously pushed for measures to increase the amount of 'affordable' housing (which just means priced at below market rates) in the district.

I'll be taking the opportunity again tomorrow night, by proposing this motion:

This Council:

1. recognises that some of the greatest housing need in the district is for affordable housing;

2. agrees that, as a result, the Strategic Local Plan will meet more of our true housing need if it demands a high proportion of affordable housing;

3. notes the Planning Inspectorate's recent modification of Woking Borough Council's Core Strategy, which now states that "All new residential development on Greenfield land and land in public ownership will be required to provide 50% of dwellings to be affordable, irrespective of the site size or number of dwellings proposed";

4. would welcome any efforts at the public examination stage of the SLP to increase the affordable proportion of new residential development in the Green Belt above 40%;

5. asks officers to re-examine the SLP's evidence base in advance of the examination stage, to establish if such an increase might be viable.

1 comment:

Carol Hedges said...

Sadly, tho this is admirable, it will not work here. There are too many vested business interests. In Harpenden, we currently have 2 developments happening in the immediate area of our urban green space. Neither is for 'affordable' housing, but 'luxury housing'. No money in affordable, Mr G. Piles and piles of shekels in 'luxury. So while St A Tories go on favouring their developer mates,affordable housing will be something they pay lip service to, but do not implement.