20 Sep 2013

One-page guide to new recycling system

Following numerous questions about the new recycling system in St Albans, I've produced this one-page guide that gives you all the main information you need.

You can download it here.

In a nutshell:
  • you can now recycle more plastics (essentially trays etc that food comes in)
  • your cardboard should now go in a recycling box with your paper
  • you should have received a kitchen caddy to make recycling food waste easier
  • envelopes and junk mail can go straight in with paper - no need to remove the windows
The main problems people are reporting at the moment are with cardboard and food waste recycling:
  • If you have more cardboard than you can fit in the recycling box, tear or fold it in to box-sized pieces and put it under the box. The operatives are still getting used to the new system too, so if they don't collect something, report a missed collection
  • Don't put runny food waste in your kitchen caddy or the liner will perish. You can wrap this waste in newspaper before putting it out for collection. This will also help keep your bin clean. Experiment with what suits you best for recycling your food waste.

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