6 Oct 2013

Give me your ideas for St Albans' local budget

The Conservative administration in St Albans will be presenting its annual budget for debate at Council on 27 November. Government cuts mean St Albans has to find over £1m spending reductions, or find other ways to generate income.

The other parties can propose amendments to that budget, usually by suggesting different cuts in order to save or introduce different services or initiatives. In the last two budgets, since I've been a councillor, I've done the same.

I'd like to hear your ideas for this year's budget.

Anything you think the Council should be spending less money on?
And anything new it should be doing?
And any comments on the cuts and savings that the Conservatives are proposing? (You can see a summary of these here - they include charging for the Splash Park, pest control and parking on Sundays, and cuts for verge maintenance, the Arts and public toilets)

For inspiration, have a look at the amendments I got last year and the year before.

Of course, I can't promise to take up every idea. But if it seems doable, I will certainly look in to it.

Either leave your comment below, or email me.

Thank you!

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