25 Nov 2013

Six great initiatives proposed for St Albans budget

St Albans Greens are proposing six new initiatives as part of the Council's budget this week.

I'll be proposing an amendment to the Council's annual budget on Wednesday 27th November.

The carefully costed amendment proposes:

1. £10,000 to help the most vulnerable Council tenants look after their gardens, reversing a proposed cut by the Conservatives

2. £600 to install 15 cycle racks in the city centre

3. £5,500 to build and run a web-based budget simulator that boosts democracy by giving residents and easy way to examine and comment on the annual budget for the first time - lots of other towns and cities are now doing this, and it's a great way to get people more involved in what the Council is doing

4. £750 to put up signs at major junctions, directing people to the newly-improved Alban Way. This great walking/cycling path is now beautifully smooth all the way to Hatfield, yet lots of people don't know where it is. These signs will point the way.

5. £10,000 to fund a brand new Summer Sounds music event for young people. This Council initiative is a great idea, but it had no funding. So I've found some.

6. £5,000 to support St Albans Film Festival's work in community outreach and youth provision. The city's best and brightest new event gets no funding, but does brilliant community and youth work.

These measures would be funded by a reduction in the current Council Tax discount for houses undergoing major works, and by savings in the expanded corporate repairs budget.

If successfully passed on Wednesday, these measures would build on the last two years of similar amendments from the Independent and Green group.

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