10 Jan 2014

Strike your lights, Premier Inn!

It's good to see that progress is continuing with the new Premier Inn hotel in St Peters Street. What's not so good is the stream of applications from the developer to erect huge illuminated signs to advertise the hotel's presence.

The third such application has just come in to the Council (ref 5/2013/3447 if you want to make a comment on the website). The picture above shows some of the signs they want - huge, garish purple and white numbers, with letters up to a metre high, and internally illuminated so they shine in to the night.

No other premises on the high street is allowed internally illuminated signs - they're all lit in the old fashioned way by external lights shining gently on the sign. The overall effect of this really helps to maintain the character of this historic area.

I opposed the first two applications for such signs, which were even bigger, and they were rejected by the planning department. I very much hope the department will do the same again with this application. There are other Premier Inns around the country that have plain, non-illuminated signs, so why can't we have those too?

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