29 Nov 2014

The Odyssey Begins

After years of increasing excitement, the Odyssey Cinema on London Road in St Albans has finally opened its doors. I was lucky enough to attend the official opening this weekend, and was hugely impressed with what I saw.

Though there is still a little work to do in advance of the public opening in December, the project is essentially complete. The huge screen with beautiful arch, the big, comfy red chairs, the amazing sound system and state of the art projector, and even the bespoke carpet are all in place.
There's an attractive, white foyer, with lots of nooks and crannies to explore instead of the usual vast area that you find in most cinemas. Then one door leads up to the gallery and another through to the 'orchestra'.
Whilst the gallery is very comfortable, and arguably has a better view, it's the orchestra area that is the talking point. Like the Rex in Berkhamstead, the owner's other cinema, this boasts cabaret style seating - tables and chairs, that you can move and swivel round to make yourself comfortable. There's a bar, and there will be food eventually too.
Appropriately enough, the film we were treated to was 'Back To The Future', both a classic film and one with a title that truly suited the occasion.

Congratulations to James Hannaway and all the team for a remarkable achievement, and for giving us a cinema in St Albans once again.

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